On North Diversion Road opened Wednesday. This is one of the most challenging plays I’ve done to date really…it’s taking such stamina emotional, mental and physical. I’m thankful for the opportunity, and the people in it. But I am quite ready for it to be done 🙂 It’s been a 6 month process….but yes…I will be sad to put it to rest.

Thanks Cassandra of Youth.sg, for the glowing review!

Another up and rising star to keep your eyes on is Tan Shou Chen. Although he played only one character, Tony, and only appeared in the summation scene that wrapped up the whole play dramatically, it’s hard not to notice him.

SOO PAI SEI! But glad you liked my performance! I will work hard, hard to prove the “up and rising” right!

Friends who came by brought me lovely bouquets of flowers. It was lovely! Thank you. Thank you anonymous person who gave me the flowers too…wish you said hi.

Please come watch if you haven’t already. It’s a good show. Someone (not me) strips.

Hyuk hyuk.

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