The weblog phenomenon started circa early 2000, and I’m proud to say that I was one a “market leader” and kept regular updates on my webby. Senior year I graduated to my own domain as a playing ground of graphic webdesign and more importantly as a means to update my friends on life in Singapore. It was a much welcomed outlet during the NS days. Of course, with the wide availability and access of the internet…one doesn’t have control over who sees your blog. I felt weird knowing that people I wasn’t comfortable with yet were reading stuff that I was posting with personal friends in mind. That’s the nature of blogging but that resulted in subconscious self-censorship. And when I started working, the sudden scarcity of time coupled with the lack of desire to sit in front of a computer at the end of the day to type out a cohesive entry after a long day of doing exactly the same thing just pushed my beloved blog ( into near oblivion. Someone called this phenomenon, “ageing”. Touché.

So fast forward to 2008. I am now once again a student, studying everything to do with communications. With a bit more time on hand, and a lot more inspiration and new thoughts pouring in, I’ve gotten me’self a wordpress and with it the promise that I could still possibly link it back to the original domain, and also the possibility of locking certain entries for specific eyes. And why not? Figured I could start cracking the creative knuckles again. 

Let’s see where this goes…or if anyone can even find me. 🙂

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