One of the coolest things about being in temperate weather are the outdoor events. Most Singapore organizers would tell you to avoid outdoor events where possible because of the unpredictable tropical weather.

Not here in the city that only gets 4-5 rain showers in a year. Imagine not sweating like a pig, cool breeze, wine, picnic food, not sweating like a pig, no mosquitos, not sweating like a pig, listening to world class LIVE classical music. 

The Pasadena Pops organizes annual outdoor summer concerts and throngs of mostly older, semi-retired folks would attend these concerts. Drinking and eating. Ha Eun brought me along to the picnic, hosted by one of her law student classmates. We drank and we ate.

Good food was followed by a musical menu entitled I Hear America Singing filled with poetry readings, new dance choreography set to jazz standards, old american songs and even a semi-staged performance of West Side Story – I was quite satiated. 

The next day, it was an outdoor spoken word/hip hop outdoor concert organized by a Korean American church. That was equally awesome. (sorry no pictures…my hands were greasy from fresh tacos)

Gosh, I do love the diversity here.

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