40 pages later, I am done with final papers and take home exams. I think I developed carpal tunnel from all the non-stop writing that started on Thanksgiving weekend. The grades better be worth all the effort.

One of my prof wants me to submit my term paper for publication in a journal. That’ll be exciting if it gets accepted. Then maybe I can be googled using google scholar. WOot!

For another class, with help from Weetz, I wrote/researched a paper on the history of Singapore TV, pretty much “critiquing” the strategic plans of the only local TV company in Singapore. Let’s see if I’ll ever have a career in local TV now.

My last class was a “boring” take home regurgitory  final. But it was still 10 pages!

Planned a series of forums and a peripheral event for East West Players. I love them.

Turned 27. Ahhh, the joys of celebrating one’s birthday during finals. I forgot what that was like.

It’s winter break now. I’m looking forward to traveling up to SF, down to SD, across to NY and to Boston. Can’t wait.

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