Okay, it was more “watching” in the cemetery, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was a Cinespia screening. On screen was the 1955 Hitchcock flick To Catch a Thief,  staring the wonderfully glamorous Grace Kelly last night. Love the badly blatant symbolism, understated, witty dialogue, and many double entendres. Thought the 50s was an era of  sexual repression. The doorbitch was a big B though…gave my friend a scolding for not paying the $10 donation entrance fee. They really should just change it to an admission fee. Anyhoo, it was very cool. LA people, when gathered in social settings, can be quite friendly. Spoke with a girl with Hello Kitty socks. Collectively laughed at a fly away seahorse balloon. Politely shared scarce grass space. It was swell. (sorry pics are a bit dark, was using my iphone cam).

Cinespia 1Cinespia 2Cinespia 3

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