Image from Portable Film Festival website
Image from Portable Film Festival website

Tell me, isn’t this cool?!  Portable Screening Day, organized by the The Portable Film Festival:

The Portable Film Festival, now in its third year, is an international festival of film and user created content. It works in the same way as other film festivals – the only difference is that it is delivered completely online and distributed through portable video devices. Anyone with an Internet connection of modest ability can access all programs curated by the Portable Film Festival for free and unlimited download to a laptop, iPod, PSP, or 3G capable mobile phone. Just log on, register, and start downloading.

You don’t need big screens or big theatres to have an interactive, social movie screening experience, but the festival still draws people out from behind their personal computers into public spaces for a collective experience. Not to mention bypassing censorship laws. There are calls for people to host in Singapore, there was even one hosted in Mongolia. That’s pretty nifty.

2 thoughts on “ Portable Screening Day ”

  1. Yah, got. I saw the last call for hosters on the arts community. That’s also how I got wind of it. Awesome huh?!

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