So Chestnuts Does Christmas opened tonight! Comedy is a genre that depends heavily on the audience, and tonight’s  opening night crowd was great (they also forgave our minute technical errors 😀 )! What they say about comedy being tough is so true lor! This isn’t my first time doing a comedic piece, but Chestnuts is a whole new ball game. I tell you, the precision and stamina to work through Jonathan Lim’s script…PHEW!  Two more nights! Hope you bought tickets because they are sold out!

3 thoughts on “ Chestnuts Does Christmas ”

  1. Hey, great show last night! (I have a minor crush on you now…) It was possibly the highlight of the year for theatre. My thanks and regards to the team…

  2. Greetings !! U did great last night !! One of the best of 2009. … hope your suspenders have got enough loving 🙂 All the best for the next two nights.

  3. Phallusy: What a compliment! Will definitely convey your thanks and regards to the cast and crew!NickNWJ: Haha, cursed suspenders! They were caught in my leg pants.

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