This blog has been a quiet for a bit but it’s not because things have slowed down! No, siree! Both the personal and the professional have been quite crazy the last 4 months or so. But anyway! Here’s a quick update of what’s happening on the professional front:

I’m currenlty revisiting the Chilli Padi (the school and education arm of W!LD R!CE) production of So Ugly Can Die. It’s a restaging, with the first run at the Esplanade Recital Studio in March 2010.This run is at Marine Parade CC’s theater.

No, I’m not playing Mabel. Mabel is played by Siti Khalijah, I play her best friend Sean. Koey Foo plays our teacher and Eleanor Tan plays her mom. It’s a short piece, but not easy to pull of for sure. As forum theatre pieces go, audiences are invited to replace certain roles at specific times of the drama, to introduce solutions that would somehow solve the problem that created the drama in the first place. The purpose is to show primary and secondary school aged children the consequences of cyber-bullying. Not easy hor!

Here’s more information about So Ugly Can Die:

A forum theatre piece on cyberbullying

A brand new performance targeted at secondary schools, “SO UGLY CAN DIE!” tackles issues surrounding cyber-bullying.

Written by Alfian Sa’at (Beauty & The Beast, Homesick), directed by Judy Ngo and using forum theatre techniques and multimedia, “SO UGLY CAN DIE!” examines the consequences of cyberbullying. It offers students an opportunity to analyse how new media technologies (such as the Internet, camera phones and videos) can be abused to embarrass, demean, harass, hurt and bully others.

Join us as we follow the journey of Mabel when she discovers that she is the “star” of an anonymously-written blog which identifies her as “one of the top three ugliest girls in school”. Between an IT-illiterate mother, an overworked teacher and her sympathetic best friend, Mabel has to work out the best way to deal with the situation while facing up to an invisible bully.

This programme is eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant subsidy.

Show days: 17 – 20 August 2010 (Tue – Fri)
Show times: 3.00pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Marine Parade Community Centre Theatrette
Ticket prices: $20

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