It’s been a big labor of love but we’re moving into the final phase of rehearsals for COLLAB Theatre Ensemble’s inaugural production – Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman. Nope, it’s not the Kafka one, it’s Mary Zimmerman, she’s an American playwright and this play of hers has won a number of Awards and Nominations (including Tony’s).

Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman is a playful and contemporary retelling of the evocative and timeless myths as told by the Roman poet Ovid. COLLAB splashes onto the local theatre scene in a fresh staging of this award-winning Broadway script. Originally staged in March 2002 on Broadway’s Square Theatre in New York, Metamorphoses is a widely applauded and awarded play. It won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play and Outstanding Music in a Play, 2002; the Drama League Award, 2002; and a Tony Award nomination for Best Play, 2002.Central to this play is a pool of water. Hence, a central visual device and an important metaphor, a pool 3.66m in diameter and approximately 1590 gallons will be built into The Substation Theatre, endowing the performance space with the highly sensual and transformative power of water. Tickets available at Gate Crash and S.A.M. machines for a fee of $25 (excluding ticketing fees).

It’s an ensemble based piece, meaning that each actor will be taking on multiple roles. I’m playing Ceyx in Alcyone and Ceyx ; Narcissus (very short one) ; Cinyras, father of Myrrah (this role involves underwater making out) ; Narrator in Orpheus and Eurydice ; Silenus the wise drunk in the tale of Midas; Eros in a tale about Psyche and Eros; cold gaunt Hunger in Erysichthon; and Hermes in a lovely tale of old love in Baucis and Philemon.

Yeah, those shorts aren’t great in retrospect 😛

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