Time has gone by really quickly (seems to be a mantra for me but I digress). We’ve been rehearsing for Metamorphoses for a while now, I suppose if you count the time when we started with the first script read to now, it would be about 6 months. I remember cuz it was in March, in the Substation 😉

Metamorphoses is about change to me. Well at this moment at least. It’s really quite a layered, paradoxical piece about love, order out of chaos, chaos out of order, desire out of passion, passion out of death. It’s truly a magnificent piece as a whole. I’m not exactly sure how it will be received, but the feedback so far from our marketing efforts have been…so chim ah? I suppose if we have to boil it down to one thing that’s easily palatable and understandable, I wouldn’t know which poison I’d choose.

The play opens with an invocation to the gods to “change me” to experience an epiphany beyond ourselves. That perhaps is my own frame of reference, but those words can’t ring truer for me these days. I admit I’m feeling a bit like I’m back to square one ever since I moved back from LA. I daren’t nor think I am desperate enough to ask to metamorphose but I suppose like the half man half horse birth symbol I’ve been assigned to…I sometimes feel I have one hoof in and one leg out.

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