Since I’ve shifted away from office work to full time theater, one of the most obvious changes is possibly that Monday no longer brings the same dread that it used to. For one, Monday is usually the one off-day where the lights in theatres go dark because for some reason the producers think patrons don’t prefer to watch shows on Mondays. So while Sunday evenings are usually marred by the coming of tomorrow, my weekend starts on Sunday and lasts through Monday.

On the flip side, this also means that while friends gallivant on Friday and Saturday evenings, I’m still slogging it out on stage. And there’s also the fact that it’s harder to find companions able to hang out late on my weekend. Yet, while most wake on Monday to put on office wear, I’m free to strut around in extremely casual wear and enjoy recreational spaces left empty by the working crowd. Now that’s enough to lull me to sleep in on a Monday 🙂

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