After an epic run of 69 full shows and 4 public previews, The Three Little Pigs has come to an end! Woot! Epic is definitely the word considering we had less than 2.5 weeks to put the show together, and at various times, two were down with hand food and mouth and two lost their singing voices to other nasty viruses.

For this humble actor, it has been a great privilege to originate role for a George Stiles and Anthony Drewe musical, to work with the West Enders Ewan Jones (choreo) and Jason Denvir (production design) and to be lit by Shaoann for which he says will be his last (I don’t think so :)). The production has also been a bit of a homecoming for me. The Three Little Pigs was my first SRT show to play on the DBS Arts Centre stage since I graduated from the SRT Young Company years ago. AND…its The Little Company’s most successful run to date! We played to full houses for every show!

To all who came to watch: thank you for coming and for the support 🙂









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