So yes, Twelfth Night has opened. My first Shakespeare role and my first SRT Shakespeare in the Park show has opened. It’s been quite the journey and a wonderfully expanding one. Yes, it wasn’t easy but change – learning a new body, new language, new words – isn’t going to be a walk in the park. For that, I am most grateful to our director Bruce Guthrie for his patience and his immortal words: nothing is as important as what you are about to say.

It’s by far one of the most physically taxing shows I’ve been in…because it’s uncomfortably hot to be outdoors during May in tropical Singapore, let alone acting in period costume (1930s suits). Plus a rake that’s quite steep…phewie. Nonetheless, it’s been a real fun experience, we have a freakin’ 2 storey house on stage, and a yacht!

Do come if you can, we’ve been getting really good responses, and also it’s perfect for picnicking and enjoying the night sky. Ticketing information can be found here.

One thought on “ Twelfth Night Opens ”

  1. Singapore ! I’m on my second visit here and its such befatiuul country.The national language is Malay and ENGLISH so don’t worry about that The people speak at least 4 main languages ,English,Malay.Chinese and Indian and English is taught in all the schools so you should have no problem The country has so much to offer its visitors and the people are so friendly you’ll love it .Fantastic transportation systems,top-notch attractions,befatiuul river walk,got to be the greenest city in the world and its only 7 1/2 hours flight to Japan and the same to Australia so why not try all three.

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