I admit it. I’m not someone who revels in taking pictures. It takes too much effort to look all perky and hot because you know you better because in this digital age, that picture you take will one day land on Facebook or be forever digitized somewhere. And that’s just the everyday pictures.

Publicity shoots are bad too, like when the one take you decide to try something new  – such as having the hungry look for hotdogs with sauerkraut but the hotdog is a weiner dog dressed in a bun costume, instead of the gorgeous forlorn look you created with the imagined vision of a moon rise in the Maldives – is the shot picked by the art director to be plastered everywhere.

It takes lots of crazy and obscure poses held artificially to make any shot seem natural. I mean, just look at all the contortions the contestants in America’s Next Top Models are asked to do and then told that they don’t look natural. Posing for a photo is unnatural that’s why it can get awkward.

Here’s a video that will forever make you self-conscious about posing for the camera if you aren’t already. Compiled by Dean Fleischer-Camp, it is a video of every awkward moment that happens just as you pose for a camera:

And then there’s even a whole website dedicated to the awkwardness of photo posing: www.longawkwardpose.com

Now only if someone would make a video of Asian girls striking cutsie big-eyed poses for their blogs…y’know what I’m saying?

[found via http://holykaw.alltop.com/heres-proof-that-you-look-silly-when-posing-f?tu2=1%5D

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