If you’ve been following my instagram @shouchentan, you might have seen the influx of numerous pictures with the hashtage #rulesfotham. For the past month, I’ve had the privilege to create my own sit-com character for the original series to air on Mediacorp Ch 5’s Must See Tuesdays slot in January 2014. Prime time here I come!

The comedy follows four university undergraduates forced to live together as part of their final-year project. They are being observed and constantly monitored by their supervising professor, Professor Tham.

I play Joshua, a lead role. He is a self-professed brainiac, quirky (some say geek-chic) smart-talking student who’s ambitious but prefers to look for the more “efficient” method. With Kimberly Chia as my smart-ditzy sister Lee, Joakim Gomez as my best friend Dinesh, Erin Lim as the OCD but hot roomate Maya, and Edwin Goh as the helpful but sketchy hunk Martin, we hopefully have created a motely bunch of characters that you would come to laugh with (laugh at also can) and love. The sit-com is created and directed by Gavin Lim of Fighting Spiders fame. Director of Photography is the respected cinematographer and director guru Amandi Wong.

Please do support when the show airs in January 2014 🙂 Thank you in advance!ImageImageImageImage

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