734346_10151750345106733_1380762648_nAs the year wraps up, I am amazed and feeling very blessed how busy this part of the year has turned out. It started with me creating space for the Director’s Lab and when you clear space as a freelancer, more often than not, the space is a lot more than what would be ideal. I was frankly anxious. Aside from concerns over income, I generally hate long periods of time when I’m not working at something. Incredibly, I got Rules Of Tham and Country Directing Country AND was able to fit these two projects into what I had already planned for the Director’s Lab. I am Blessed and immensely grateful.

Country Directing Country is a collaborative piece to be developed with American and Singaporean theatre practitioners. From Singapore, the directors are Elizabeth de Rosa and Danny Yeo; and the actors are Audrey Luo and yours truly. From the USA, David Diamond and Glory will be directing…and I can’t wait to meet the actors!

The working theme is ”Others”, which is fairly broadly defined at the moment but will be further explored and questioned as we look deeper.

What’s really awesome about this project is that everyone involved is connected to La Mama. Danny, Elizabeth and Glory went to the directors’ symposium at Umbria last year; David is part of La Mama NY. It’s also great and crucial that the NAC supports  this continuity.


It’s going to be a busy trip, but I hope to write updates regularly.

Off to catch my plane! See you in New York City 🙂


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