Staged 25, 26, 27 August, 8pm at SOTA Drama Theatre

Written by Huzir Sulaiman
Directed by Claire Wong

Performed by Antonio Vargas, Chanel Ariel Chan, Erwin Shah Ismail, Frances Lee, Oliver Pang, Thomas Pang, Seong Hui Xuan, Tan Shou Chen and Amanda Tee


Spontaneous and fiery. Sad and beautiful. Seductive and heartbreaking. The Last Bull: A Life In Flamenco is an extraordinary love story between one man and the art of flamenco. Written by Huzir Sulaiman and directed by Claire Wong, this seductive play revolves around Antonio Vargas, one of the world’s leading flamenco dancers and choreographers.

Born in Casablanca to a family of French-speaking Spanish Jews, the 75-year-old Vargas has lived around the world, including Morocco, Spain, Australia and now, Singapore. He has worked with luminaries of the arts and entertainment worlds, from his dance interpretation of “She Loves You” with The Beatles to his acclaimed performance in Baz Lurhmann’s romantic comedy “Strictly Ballroom” and sensuous choreography in John Woo’s “Mission: Impossible II”.

In The Last Bull: A Life In Flamenco, Huzir and Wong have embraced a rare opportunity to create a performed memoir with Vargas on stage himself, tracing his dancer’s journey from childhood to old age. Huzir transforms Vargas’ biography and interviews with the cast into evocative prose and poetry. Wong’s direction weaves Huzir’s writing into an electrifying and mesmerising theatrical frame, with flamenco dance, music and song taking centre stage.

Deeply personal and affecting, The Last Bull: A Life In Flamenco explores Vargas’ life story: the five-year-old boy stumbling upon his aunt dancing flamenco and emerging as one of the world’s most enchanting flamenco dancers. Much like the dance, The Last Bull is an achingly beautiful ode to a life filled with passionate pursuits.

Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).

Click here for a review by Ng Yi Sheng for the SIFA Blog

Photo Credits: Crispian Chan


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