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OPEN WATERS: A Theatre Work Between Bangkok and Singapore

It’s 12am, as I perch on a ledge of a pond, umbrella giaped between my neck and shoulder, left hand holding supper, I take off my White Adidas shoes and step into the ankle deep ponding A and ZH had warned me about. Through the murky water is the only way to get back to the apartment. The heat has given up for the rain. The skies have opened, and water is everywhere.

For the past 2 days, Chuan and I have been working with the technical aspect of staging the read. I see it as a warm up to the actual BTF in November. Right now, the space in Thong Lor will sit only 30 people. It’s quite intimate. It’s a simple setup, and I do like how simple it is. The simplest setupoffers the best storytelling, it only seeks to lay a runway for the audience’s imagination. That’s…

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