OPEN WATERS: A Theatre Work Between Bangkok and Singapore

It was a two show weekend. And we filled the room more than what anticipated – 70+ people for a room that was only supposed to fit up to 30 per show. When Chuan and I first planned the space, we were expecting a modest showing. We set out 20 seats, with a contingency plan for 29, IF we really needed to.

We made massive cuts to since our last read at Centre 42 earlier in August 2017. The distance of more than a couple of months and putting the show on its feet made aspects of the writing a lot less precious than at the beginning.

Still, it was a challenge rehearsing a show in 12 days. And as a performer, the show felt unsettled, two performances was not enough. But that is the nature of a festival show? It felt like a preview to me and the first…

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