A place…

Theatre becomes a place where we can recognize ourselves, be ourselves, perform ourselves, seemingly apart from the oppressive gaze of the dominant-though I know this “safe space” is always provisional, always partial. – Dorinne Kondo, in Performing Race in Fashion and Theatre About Face Disclaimer: this entry may manifest itself in other shapes and forms […]

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Check out this group called Belanova. They’re a Grammy award winning synth-pop band from Guadalajara, Mexico. Their sound, to me, has J-pop elements because of their heavy blend of synthesized sounds, hard beats and a rock attitude. But I think their main difference lies in the unique musicality of Spanish, as sung by  lead singer […]

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Fighting the Good Fight: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today’s Martin Luther King Day in the United States. It is a reminder to me to continue fighting and believing that one person’s faith and personal choices can make a difference for the world, like Joshua whose resilient trumpeting brought the walls of Jericho tumbling down. More about Martin Luther King Jr.. More about Moses Hogan

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