Vlad Studio

Sick of staring at the morphing desktop images that came with your Mac? Ready to stick a pin in the eye from all the overly cute or busy theme based design? Transform that boring screen today. Surf on over to VladStudio for a variety of wallpaper designs…if the collection is a shoe size, it be size […]

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The Theremin…from Wikipedia:     The theremin is one of the earliest electronic musical instruments, and the first musical instrument played without being touched (originally pronounced it is also known as an aetherphone. It was invented by Russian Leon Theremin in 1919. The controlling section usually consists of two metal antennae which sense the position of the player’s hands and control radio frequency oscillator(s) for […]

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What a cool way to post stuff! stevenbeelen.tumblr.com it’s totally untraditional. The usual layout text based taxonomy is totally replaced with a graphic seek and search that is really more appealing to one’s curiosity. The transmutation of the Mac/iphone environment makes it so much more cooler to click through. I feel so chic even though I’m only doing […]

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