On Interculturalism and Transculturalism

Excerpted from Svetlana Klimenko (2003) Shakespeare, Chekhov and the Emergence of the Transcultured Self in Denmark, Language and Intercultural Communication, 3:2, 151-157, DOI: 10.1080/14708470308668099 ” I use the term transculture as it was put forward by Russian scholar Mikhail Epstein, who introduces it in the following way: The quality and merit of culture is its capacity […]

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Reflections: Liao Zhai Rocks《聊斋》 (2019上海国际音乐剧节)

I have this memory of my grandfather and I. On a Thursday, I was about to leave early from the family’s weekly dinner at my grandfather’s house on Wolskel Road. My grandfather asked where I was going, and for what. I was either performing or rehearsing for a show. Which show was inconsequential, but the […]

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