Good Read

Check out Tara Tan’s blog. There’s a lovely mix of everything I enjoy about Tara’s unique taste and what’s happening in the arts scene here in Singapore. I got to know her while she was an arts reporter…and we met when she interviewed me for the ST 30 Under 30 that I shameless put in […]

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How Social Media has changed British Theatre

I’ve been following the development of the National Theatre Wales. They officially launched sometime this month with 13 shows slated for their season. What’s special about them is that their organization is hinged on the use of social media The Telegraph covered its launched, done entirely on web-cast: It’s hard to disentangle the medium by […]

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Media/bot/Human Interaction in Theatre

This is an interesting premise: the live interaction of an autonomous vision controlled computer “actor” with a human actor. That’s what 1997 play “It/I” written by Claudio Pinhanez was apparently about. It’s an interesting exploration of AI – Human interaction. It looks intensely cerebral, cold and esoteric, but the intersection of media technology and actor […]

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