The Change We Need…

From a paper titled “The Personification of Barack Obama” (written for a class assignment 2 days before election day). Here’s the concluding section, summarizing my thoughts and fears of what lies ahead for Barack Obama. … Through the careful manipulation of images and text, Barack Obama became the personification of American democratic ideals, legitimatized and […]

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How ah?

I’m taking a class taught by a Jon Taplin, who aside from blogging, also serves as consultant to the S’pore government (I figure either MDA or MICA in general. He’s been to the yet to be opened Fusionopolis) among other things. In class today, he presented a rather dire picture of America falling behind in […]

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What a cool way to post stuff! it’s totally untraditional. The usual layout text based taxonomy is totally replaced with a graphic seek and search that is really more appealing to one’s curiosity. The transmutation of the Mac/iphone environment makes it so much more cooler to click through. I feel so chic even though I’m only doing […]

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