Liao Zhai Rocks!《聊斋》 (2019上海国际音乐剧节)

Role: 马子才 (featured ensemble), 魂魄、鬼卒

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Creative Team

Playwright – Wu Xi
Lyricist – Xiaohan
Composer – Eric Ng
Director – Kuo Jian Hong
Choreographer – Seong Hui Xuan 
Arranger – Bang Wenfu
Music Director and Co-Arranger – Julian Wong
Set Designer – Kuo Jian Hong
Lighting Designer – Billy Tang
Costume Designer – Saksit & Phisit, Tube Gallery Bangkok
Sound Designer – Shah Tahir
Hair Designer – Ashley Lim
Make up Designer – The Make Up Room

Joanna Dong, Inred Liang, Sugie, Ethel Yap, Liu Xiaoyi, Ric Liu, Yeo Lyle, Ryan Ang, Ang Xiao Ting, Jodi Chan, Juni Goh, Dwayne Lau, Frances Lee, Oliver Pang, Sharon Sum, Tan Shou Chen, Katherine Tang

Visit 实践剧场 The Theatre Practice for more information

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