Mixed (2017), Theatreworks



Mixed was performed at three different locations, each offering audiences a new experience of the play.

Production Synopsis:

TheatreWorks presents its annual Performance Tour! Mixed toured the South East District from 23 Feb to 11 March 2017.

Synopsis: Growing up Chindian in Singapore has not been easy for Anika Lee. Her parents, Cassandra and Lee, have fought hard their whole life to protect their kids from racial tensions both in their family and out. At 21, Anika has cultivated a fire in her that allows her to navigate the difficulties of being mixed. Now a teacher-in-training, she is whole, and ready to fight for what she believes in. She even has her eye on a guy at the job she loves…

Mixed scrutinizes a racial divide that is supposedly cracked, bringing to light fragments that still have the power to cut. Mixed is a play about loss, it’s also about love – it’s about falling. And it’s about getting back up.

Marine Parade CC, Theatrette – 278 Marine Parade Road
23 & 24 Feb, 8pm
25 Feb, 12pm & 3pm

The Eurasian Community House, Multi-Purpose Hall – 139 Ceylon Road
2 & 3 March, 8pm

Mountbatten CC, Performance Centre – 35 Jalan Satu
9 & 10 March, 8pm
11 March, 3pm & 8pm

Creative Team:
Playwright: Raemae Kok
Director: Tan Shou Chen
Performers: Garbiele Goh Koon Hui, Grace Kalaiselvi, Joel Low, Sneha S. Sanjay, Sherilyn Tan
Lighting Desinger: Stella Cheung
Set Designer: Grace Lin
Stage Manager: Chen Rui Yu
Production Intern: Nadira Pillay
Production Manager: Ganesh Jayabal
Producer and Engagement Executive: Ezzat Alkaff



Marine Parade CC Auditorium:

Eurasian Community House:

The Mountbatten CC stage transformed into a blackbox, sitting 50 pax. This was a thrust staging:


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