There’s absolutely no street culture in LA. I took a walking tour of the shopping area on La Brea Avenue. It’s pretty hip with lotsa cool boutique stores, and decent patronage in some of the more interesting ones. But, as you can see from the pictures, the streets are pretty empty. Unlike NYC, Boston, or even Singapore, there’s absolutely no street culture. Someone please correct me if it’s the time of the day and location and I’m just a loser. 

But I’m beginning to appreciate and enjoy the sights and sounds of LA. Under its really awful excuse for landscaping (death by palm trees) and superficial veneer, you realize that there’s a certain rough, tinseled and edginess that is steeped in its own history. The carefree-ness of California definitely lends a certain creativity and beauty that’s unique to LA. It’s most obvious in the new generation of digital artists and the sense of geek-chic meets the beach-street dress style.

Anyway, here are some pictures from today…

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