Indulge me a little.

So, after a crazy day which started at 10am (hey, I’m a student) with a meeting about the chinese music industry, followed by lunch on campus (unsual pour moi), after which I finished my homework, headed home cuz I had time to eat the rest of the Japanese curry I stewed the day before (it gets better the longer it stews), took a quick nap (hey, I stayed up till 3am finishing my presentation for previously mentioned meeting), left for class (entertainment content theory, where the deconstruction of celebrity continues), checked out as much as I could before class the live coverage of the VP debate, came home, flipped through coupons and decided that I needed to go grocery shopping. So I did.

On the way home, at the corner of my street, just say, oh about 1/2 a block from my apartment complex, as I approached the intersection, I noticed the blinking red and blue lights of a LAPD car. Wait, no…4 LAPD cars, in formation. At the center of the formation was a group of 4 -5 cops restraining 2 guys.

T’was my very first time seeing it live. Eh…it wasn’t special.

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