When I first heard that kodak was going to stop producing printing paper, I was quite devastated, even though I don’t know how to develop pictures from scratch, or never really owned/used an SLR camera. It’s an art form forever lost to digital technology! Earlier this year, I bought an old school polaroid camera, and have been slowly rationing my limited film that I have…and then I come across this – Poladroid.net

Can’t say it replaces actual polaroids, but once again, the triumph of digital technology. (That seems like a running theme in the last few months I’ve been out here in LA). It’s an application that automatically converts any digital photograph into a polaroid, with smooth, soft features and saturated color. It’s awesome…except that you can’t quite control where it crops. I think I still have to tinker with it a bit more.

Pseudopolaroid 1

Pseudo Polaroid 2


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