Duck and Dive at the Drama Center

Rehearsals for Duck and Dive have begun! We’ve been quacking and ribbit-ing for about 2 weeks now.

From I-Theatre’s website:

Follow the adventures and misadventures of these two cute, but confused creatures in their quest for acceptance and security, as we cleverly intertwine two classic fairy tales: Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling and The Grimm Brothers’ The Frog Prince.

A beautiful, poignant, hilarious and wonderfully silly tale of two creatures stumbling through situations every teen or parent might find themselves in, with fun and laughter that the little ones can join in safely and wholeheartedly.

A marvellous musical for the whole family to enjoy, in the best Broadway and West End tradition, with colourful costumes, wonderful sets, and toe-tapping tunes!

Issey plays the Cygna (The Ugly Duckling) while I’m Prince Anura (the Frog Prince). A number of Young and W!ld folks are in it too. It’s gonna be an awesome production.

So far, we’ve learned our songs and simple blocking for a number of the scenes. As you can see from the “pics on the move,” we had a photo shoot today. (The show’s for families and kids so the costumes are awesome, by the way) I’ll post more pictures and some audio/video when I get around to them.

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