Yes, 2 month worth of rehearsals, many feathers, faux fur and lycra later Duck and Dive opened today! Can I just say I am exhausted?! We started the day early to sort out some technical stuff, things got a bit rushed, but I think we pulled off a pretty good opening. But, I could definitely use a foot massage, what with all the hopping around the stage area, and the NLB Drama Centre Theatre is damn big lor. Oh! Edmund Chen and his brood came today! They seemed to enjoy the show, the kids stayed back to take pictures with us. SO SCHWEET! There was one poor toddler though (I think she/he was around 3 years old), who was spooked a bit too much by Dwayne’s Herodias villian. Yikes.

Come if you can!! It’s a lovely production and we run all the way to November 22. You’ll get to see me in lycra tights…

Click on pic for details, it’s an ITheatre email flyer (saves me having to retype all the details) 🙂

Duck and Dive Emailer

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