I’ve been insanely addicted to this song. Found it through a cover by the very uber cool Pomplamoose:

I suppose it’s a sign that the healing has progressed when songs begin to strike a chord.

I came across Helen Fischer while doing research for an article. She’s an anthropologist specializing in the study of love. She’s built quite a name for herself: a published expert in peer reviewed journals on the subject, contributes to O Magazine, a speaker at TED, the chief scientific advisor for Chemistry.com (a dating website).

I wonder what it’s like to study, to pick apart such a seemingly undefinable emotion. I brought her research up over a date, about how love is really just a rush of dopamine. I got a stare of disbelief tinged with slight disgust, so I quickly added, “but love is more than that right?”

In her TED talk, Fischer spoke of how she hypothesizes that our sex drive and love drive are controlled by two separate neuro-hormonal systems. And that evolutionary speaking, we’re suppose to be okay with having multiple partners.

If I ever get the chance to have dinner Fischer, I would ask her, sincerely and with earnestness, to tell me of her own story of love.

How do you look at your first crush now?
Like Neo in Matrix, do you only see a rush of neurotransmitters whenever you are attracted to someone?

When you’re cuddling, what happens?
Do you rationalize away the feeling of intimacy, perhaps to protect yourself?
Do you still fall in love?

If she has a partner, I will ask him/her:

How do you want to be loved? How would you describe the way in which Helen loves you?
Do you ever question if you’re just a wave of neurotransmitters?
What is love to you?

Do you love Helen?

What is it like to study such a magnificent feeling in such a cerebral way, which inevitably simplifies?

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