I think the draft of my previous post was deleted. It was to share that the venue and concept for MEDEA had undergone a massive shift due to a change in venue. I will no longer be able to stage MEDEA at the Lasalle SIA Theatre. It will now be at The Substation Theatre. It was a space that I had never planned to use, so conceptually it required a massive shift. Venue changed, but dates and times no change. Here’s the new synopsis:

Medea is burning. Medea is Ruby Jayaseelan, Chad O’Brien, Farah Ong and Jo Tan. They play Medea.

Act 1
Medea: she murders her father and brother to save Jason of Argo. Banished, she marries Jason and bears two of his children.
Act 2
Jason: Despite her sacrificial love, he marries the daughter of King Creon of Corinth.
Finale (Forsaken in a land that is not home)
Medea: Ignites an apocalyptic revenge on her once-lover to reclaim her being.
Medea: burning. Medea: warning. Medea: a play.
Directed by Tan Shou Chen and created in collaboration with Benjamin Lim Yi (composer), Irfan Kasban (text) and Ruby Jayaseelan (movement) using Euripedes’ Medea.
Medea is the culmination of Shou Chen’s work under The Substation’s Directors’ Lab.
I’ve also begun on the final phase leading towards the final production. Rehearsals have begun!

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