OPEN WATERS: A Theatre Work Between Bangkok and Singapore


Doi Luang is finally showing itself again. The sun is out and the damp is gone. I’m sitting on the precipice of Tua’s inner court area. Nadh is rehearsing her four male actors, including Chuan, for tonight’s showing. It’s a piece entitled Shadow and Body. The original show featured an all female cast. My back is turned, facing Doi Luang, away from the rehearsal. I want to see it later in the actual setting of light and dark.

The sun is setting over the padi (What is the Thai word for padi?).

Behind me, Tua is writing, working. Nadh’s tone is quite serious, at least to my embarrassed English-only ears. No, I would say more “collected” than serious. I usually see her fiery, jovial and zestful. I had spent the day writing once again at my “magic table” in Makhampon cafe. I’m really sad to have to say goodbye to…

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