ALCINA (The Opera People)


by The Opera People
in Collaboration with Red Dot Baroque
20 Aug 2021, 7:30pm & 22 Aug 2021, 5pm

Wild Rice @ Funan

The Opera People present a new adaptation of George Frideric Handel’s operatic masterpiece, Alcina.

Stripped of her powers and confined to a cell, the sorceress Alcina is forced to relive the moments of her life that led to her downfall on her enchanted island. After all, no place ruled by a woman can be truly free from the machinations of men for long. Betrayed by her lover Ruggiero, undone by his wife Bradamante and abandoned by her sister Morgana, Alcina awaits her fate, haunted by the memories of a life that was never hers to begin with.

Directed by Tan Shou Chen and featuring a cast of Singapore’s finest singers, including Teng Xiang Ting as Alcina, Chan Wei En as Ruggiero, Renata Hann Sungwon as Morgana and Felicia Teo Kaixin as Bradamante, accompanied by Red Dot Baroque, Alcina is a masterful exploration of the relationship between femininity, power and love.

Director Tan Shou Chen
Music Director Alan Choo
Lighting Designer Gabriel Chan
Set Designer TK Hay
Costume Designer Yvette Ng
Key Visual Artwork by Mojoko

Alcina Teng Xiang Ting
Morgana Renata Hann Sungwon
Bradamante Felicia Teo Kaixin
Oberto Ng Jingyun
Ruggiero Chan Wei En
Oronte Jonathan Charles Tay
Melisso John Lee

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