Check out this group called Belanova. They’re a Grammy award winning synth-pop band from Guadalajara, Mexico. Their sound, to me, has J-pop elements because of their heavy blend of synthesized sounds, hard beats and a rock attitude. But I think their main difference lies in the unique musicality of Spanish, as sung by  lead singer Denisse Guerrero, which lends a slick and different sonority.

I’m totally a big fan now. Check out this video of the song that got me hooked. Paso El Tiempo. You can click over to the lyrics here or a translation on this forum page. Essentially, it’s got this “since you’ve been gone” declaration quality to it. The song is about the subject declaring that she won’t forget a love even though time has passed and she’s sorry. It’s very mainstream pop lyrics and for all I know, they maybe the Hilary Duffs of the Latin music world, but hey, I like the hybridy sound and their geek chic stylings. Seriously, check out the rest of their songs.

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