From Channel News Asia:

Showdown at AWARE office over lock change by new exco

By Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 23 April 2009 2304 hrs




SINGAPORE: It was a tens atmosphere at the AWARE office on Thursday evening as members of the old guard tried to prevent the new executive committee from changing the locks at the office. 

The centre’s manager, Schutz Lee, said she was not informed of the plans to change locks. 

Ms Lee, who has been working there since February, was also fired without reason by the new executive committee at 8pm on Thursday. 

Members of the old guard turned up hurriedly at the scene, anxious over the documents kept there. 

Dana Lam, former AWARE president, said: “I walked in and there were three burly men sitting at the counter. It’s not something we encounter at AWARE because it’s a women’s centre and we are giving counselling sessions to women who have been abused. 

“The men have apparently been instructed by the president to change the lock in the centre. There is a vote of no-confidence going on here. By right, they have no right to make any changes. I am worried for my materials – 25 years of research material, including confidential material.” 

– CNA/so 

Video: Showdown at AWARE office over lock change

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