I’m thinking a himbo post was a necessary breather from all the pretty serious stuff of late. so here we go:

Damn it…the fashion industry is moving away from the waiffy male models in favor of the more muscley types. New York magazine recently ran an article about new CK model Danny Schwarz (the picture), more muscular than the current catwalk model but has walked most of fashion’s notable runways. The article probably isn’t totally representative but if so, it’s bad news for me. I’m NOT a mesomorph. It’s so freakin’ hard (and expensive) to grow ‘dem mussels. But in comparison to the skeletally tall models, this ectomorph was mostly golden. But alas, it’s a trend afterall, which NY Times claims was started by Hendi Silame (Dior Homme designer). Ah well. Read more about male model trends here.

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