Thought I’d share this. When I was in transit in Japan, the authorities didn’t let anyone off the plane until they had given everyone a pass with a thermal scanner and collected our health declaration forms. A guy next to me had his temperature checked after he failed the thermal scan. Some other folks in the front rows weren’t allowed off the plane like the rest of us. They received a red sticker and I suppose were taken elsewhere for quarantine. It was tedious and took about 30 mins to complete but no one complained.

Japanese Health AuthoritiesSwine Flu Scanning

When I arrived in Singapore, I got off the plane immediately, went to the toilet, did the usual bathroomy stuff, walked around for a bit trying to find one of those free phones (which they seem to have gotten rid off), before going down the steps towards immigration. I walked pass the thermal scanner (I thought it was odd that the only people wearing the surgical gowns and masks were the people operating the thermal scanner), scanned my passport at the automated gate, put my thumb on the smudgey thumbprint scanner and then picked up my luggage. Basically, no one at the port could’ve possibly known my city of origin was Los Angeles, USA.

Compare, contrast and discuss.

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