Now Then Again really spoke to my heart when I read it, when I read it. Here was a beautiful (and smart) love story about two human beings challenged with the burden of choice. Yet, in the mysterious world of quantum physics, choice is just one possibility. In quantum physics, there is always an opposite to any event, time is relative, and future and past interact. All possibilities are entertained, and all are the way they should be.

My heartfelt thanks to Mary, Jeffery, Eunice and Abram from CFA for giving me my first proscenium canvas. Thank you to Ben, CM, TK, Alberta, Justina, Weihong and my talented cast and crew for coming on this quantum quest with me. Thank you to my family, always.

For AK, we look.

With much gratitude, welcome to the theatre.


We had found the stars, you and I. And this is given only once.
~Andre Aciman, Call Me by your Name

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