“What I need I don’t have
What I have I don’t own
What I own I don’t want
What I want, Lord, I don’t know.”

-Lyric from the “Confiteor” (Confession) section of Mass.

“You scream for peace, you won’t get it that way, screaming is not peaceful, & only peacefulness can engender peace. Peace must be practiced, pledged, not preached; it must be lived, loved out, acted out.

The rub: this must be done by all. One dissenter, one attacker, & we are all defenders. All–no exception: I give you the kiss of peace: this is communion. But the communion is holy only if you pass this kiss, this pledge to your neighbor, whenever it is next to you. Whoever. Pax tecum.”

-Leonard Bernstein, notes made while working on his Mass

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